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Luxury Travels in the Philippines

The Philippines is probably one of the best countries to visit when one is craving for a tropical getaway. With beaches and towering palm trees in every corner, the Philippines is every nomad and beach bum’s delight. Apart from this, the country has been considered a second home to many tourists and travelers alike with the people’s warm hospitality and smiling faces.

Should you want a more lux vacation, the Philippines will endow you with its countless selections of hotels, villas, and other luxury accommodations.

For a stress-free getaway, LXV Travels provides you with a wide selection of luxury destinations partnered with curated tour packages all around the country.

Experience The Philippines With LXV

From city escapes in Manila and Cebu, exclusive island tours in Palawan or Puerto Galera, beach hoppings in Boracay, to meeting tarsiers and volcano trips, we make sure to deliver luxurious excursions and tour packages that are guaranteed to excite, delight, and recharge your batteries.

Wherever your Philippine dream destination is, LXV Travels will make sure to conquer that extra mile in delivering an exceptional experience for your getaway.

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